Success Stories
Through our patient surveys and during sessions, Primacare has received excellent feedback from our patients as to how they feel about the services they have received. The following comments are some of their testimonials:
"My daughter is very comfortable with her therapist and my daughter has been much more of a joy to be around. She is doing better in school and feels much better about herself. Lots of improvement."
"My therapist has been extremely sensitive to our situation. This experience has allowed me to express my feelings and thoughts without judgment or interruption. My therapist has given me techniques that are really helpful in coping with my situation."
"My grandson feels better after his visits with his therapist and talks to me more in the evenings."
"My therapist is very helpful and gives many great suggestions. I am better able to verbalize my feelings, which has improved communication and my family life."
  • "Everything at Primacare is excellent. I would recommend Primacare to anyone!"
  • "I look forward to my sessions at Primacare and am very grateful to have found Primacare."
  • "Therapy has taught me how to set boundaries. I have been given practical and useful techniques.
  • "I am much more positive and have learned to cope with stress. I have seen great improvement in myself and my family."
  • "My therapist is extremely sensitive and responsive to our situation and has provided resources to help assist us."
  • "My therapist has helped me cope mentally with my abuse and understand it’s not my fault."
  • "My therapy has provided me with the needed tools to completely change my life."
  • "My therapist is awesome and I always look forward to coming and feel better when I leave."
  • "My therapist is very helpful and gives many great suggestions. I am better able to verbalize my feelings which has improved communication and my family life."
  • "I wish I would have found Primacare sooner!"
  • "Primacare gives me an environment when I can speak freely"
  • "My therapist is genuine and caring"
  • "I feel great when I leave the office"
  • "I am more relaxed and optimistic thanks to Primacare"
  • "I love coming in to vent"
  • "The ladies up front are always super helpful and kind"
  • "I have a new outlook and starting new goals in hopes of achieving them"
  • "I look forward to my next visit"
  • "I see changes in my child’s behavior"
  • "Thank you for helping me, help myself"
  • "Very helpful, I am able to deal with the stress I had"
  • "My therapist is easy to talk to and helps me with my confidence"
  • "My son is starting to make connections between his emotions and actions"
  • "My therapist makes me feel comfortable"
  • "My therapist is down to earth and easy to talk with"
  • "For the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful"
  • "My therapist has helped me sort out feeling and emotions and is giving me tools to use in understanding and coping."
  • "Therapy has helped me get my life back on track"
  • "My therapist has a gift for helping and listening"
  • "I always leave with a plan for the week"
  • "My therapist is amazing"
  • "Primacare has done wonderful things for my wife and I and our children"
  • "I have grown with confidence since our sessions have started"
  • "My therapist has been amazing, friendly, professional and has helped me make a huge difference in myself"
  • "My therapist listens to me and we discuss things. My therapist is very helpful and very respectful."
  • "My daughter is behaving much better. She looks forward to seeing her therapist every week."

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